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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Omar Cuff Leads Blue Hens to 34-33 Win Over Lehigh

Omar Cuff scored a school record 5 touchdowns this past Saturday as the University of Delaware Blue Hens pulled off a thrilling comeback to beat Lehigh 34-33 in overtime.

22,500 fans sold out Tubby Raymond Field to see 10th ranked UD take on 14th ranked Lehigh in the Blue Hens home and season opener. The fans were treated to an exciting and intense match that had the feel of a playoff game.

Delaware came out of the gate sluggish as Lehigh dominated most of the first half. The Blue Hens found themselves down 27-13 with 9 minutes to go in the fourth quarter after Lehigh scored on a rushing touchdown. Lehigh QB Mark Borda should be complemented on a hard fought game. Borda completed 32 passes on 52 attempts that totaled 272 yards.

Cuff, only a sophomore, took the game over midway through the fourth quarter. Cuff had already scored two rushing touchdowns earlier in the game and added two more in fourth. His fourth touchdown tied the game at 27 with only 20 seconds left in the game. In overtime Cuff added his fifth and final touchdown on a pass play from QB Sonny Riccio. Lehigh answered back in overtime with a touchdown but failed to make the extra point and the Blue and Gold took the victory.

Players To Watch:
Omar Cuff - 23 carries 101 yards; 4 receptions 53 yards; 5 touchdowns
Sonny Riccio - 20 completions on 31 attempts 206 yards; 2 touchdowns; 0 interceptions
Justin LaForgia - 6 receptions 45 yards
Kyle Campbell - 17 tackles, 9 solo
Jeremy Kametz - 2 sacks for -10 yards

September 17 vs Westchester 7:00pm
September 24 vs Holy Cross 7:00pm
October 1 at Towson 6:00pm


Blogger nicole said...

Hey Matt,
I think you did a great job recapping the past weekend's game! I was not at the game, but I did hear we did not come out strong. Hopefully this weekend we can control the game tempo a little more! I enjoy your players to watch and upcomming schedule. Maybe for your future posts, you could make a score predicition. I do not think that they have spreads and expert picks for D1 AA, do they? On your most recent post, you stated that Delaware moved up to number 6 in the national rankings. For previously being number 10 in the country, do you think that is a high jump? Lehigh was ranked number 14, and mathmatically Delaware should have beaten them. Consdiering they barely beat them (although possibly Lehigh is ranked too low), I do not feel they should be at number 6 already. Not that I am not a UD fan, but just wondering why we should make such a huge jump for not easily defeating a lower ranked team.

4:56 PM

Blogger Eric Corson said...

What a game this past Saturday against Lehigh huh? Unfortunately I did not make it into the game; however I did watch the entire game on TV. Hard to believe Delaware started off so slow and was able to come back and just hold the opposing team off in overtime.
Since Delaware started off kind of sloppy during last week's game, what do you think some of their weaknesses were? Going along with that, what do you think Coach Keeler should focus on for this upcoming week against West Chester?
I must say, Omar Cuff is quite a player. A school record in touchdowns in one game, and to think he's only a sophomore! Is it safe to say Matt that the Blue Hens are in good shape at the running back position for the next couple years? I think it is. However, it's probably not safe to say that Lehigh is in good hands when it comes to their place kicker. I bet he had a tough week at practice. Anyway, keep the updates coming. I look forward to checking in next week for a game recap against West Chester.

7:37 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

I was at the game for a little, but I had been drinking for hours before and was too out of it to realize what was even going on. However, the next day I heard it was quite an eventful game. Since I was only there for the first half, I guess I would have missed the good part of the game anyway. My friend said that he was right outside the stadium during the missed field goal in overtime and he said the crowd's cheer was amazingly loud. I feel bad for Lehigh's place kicker. He's probably not a happy camper this week. On the other hand, that was really impressive that Omar Cuff scored 5 touchdowns in one game. He seems like he's going to be a big star for the Blue Hens.

6:34 PM


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