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Sunday, September 18, 2005

UD Fight Song Now Available!!

I have just added a link that plays the University of Delaware's Fight Song as performed by the UD Marching Band. To be able to hear the song your computer must have Real Player enabled.

According to the University of Delaware Website:

"The Delaware Fight Song, popular since the 1930s, was composed by alumnus George F. Kelly. Its first appearance is found in the Student Handbook from 1933. It is performed at home football games and at other athletic contests by the Delaware Marching Band and other instrumental ensembles."

Eric Corson has asked me to post the words to the fight song as well, so he can sing along with the band at next week's night game against Holy Cross. Here they are:

And then we'll fight! fight! fight! for Delaware,
Fight for the Blue and Gold,
And when we hit that line,
Our team is there
with a daring spirit bold
And when we strike with might
Let foes beware
Our glorious name we'll uphold

And then we'll fight! fight! fight! for Delaware,
Fight for the Blue and Gold,
Delaware will shine to-night,
Delaware will shine.
When the sun goes down and
the moon comes up,
Delaware will shine.

And then we'll fight! fight! fight! for Delaware...


Blogger nicole said...

I think its cool that you posted a link to the fight song. You will have to teach me how to do that! However, somehow I do not think Eric will acutally be singing the words! I do not think any students, including myself know the acutal song. Congrats are in order for the football team though for staying undefeated! How is Holy Cross doing in the Patriot League? I believe they are 1-0. However, it seems to be that Delaware already defeated the best team in that league, Lehigh, so hopefully after this weekend we can come away with a 3-0 record! What are your thoughts about the email letter that head coach K.C. Keeler sent the student body about cheering with a positive spirit? I think it kind of goes without saying that at any sporting event there will be some haggeling of the other team and foul mouths, especially from some people who choose to drink alcoholic beverages at the games. However, I do agree with you that it is a great thing to sell out the stadium and really have a "home-field advantage"!

7:38 PM

Blogger Eric Corson said...

Man I can't thank you enough for providing me with those lyrics. Unfortunately I did not make it to the game this weekend against Holy Cross because I was at home for the weekend, but you better believe that I was singing that tune all night Saturday. I must say that George F. Kelly created a masterpiece, wouldn't you agree? Anyway, Delaware's football team is off to another promising season it looks like. Playing three straight games at home and coming away with three victories, how do you think the Blue Hens will perform when they go on the road this week to Towson. From what I hear from all my friends down at Towson, they're having somewhat of a disappointing start to their season with a record of 2-2. However, this upcoming weekend is Towson's homecoming and I'm sure they will be playing extra hard as they will try to break Delaware's win streak. I think I actually may make the trip down to Towson for the game, and yes of course, I will be bringing the Fight Song lyrics along.

11:15 PM

Blogger blitzm said...

Matt, Do you know how I can make the fight song my ringtone? I have Verizon and have V-cast.I did not find it in the ringtone list they provide.-Thanks for your help.

2:42 PM


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