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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Delaware Losses to Hofstra and Richmond; Extends Losing Streak to 3 Games

Since my last post, the Blue Hens lost two straight games, increasing their losing streak to three games. On October 8, Delaware was defeated by Hofstra 10-6 in their Homecoming game. This past Saturday, they fell to Richmond in a 20-10 loss. Delaware is now 3-3 overall and 0-3 in the Atlantic-10 Conference. The Blue Hens have not had a team lose three consecutive games in the same season since 1989. Delaware, ranked #5 in Division IAA at one point during the season, has watched their national rank continue to drop and will most probably be dropped from the national rankings after this past weekend’s loss to Richmond.

Delaware’s Homecoming game against Hofstra was played on a miserable day, as the weather conditions were cold and rainy. The rain led to terrible field conditions and caused a sloppy game that was mostly a defensive battle. The weather mirrored the feel around campus after the game. I thought you were supposed to win your Homecoming Game?

Because it was Homecoming, the football game was played when it probably should not have been. The field got so torn up and destroyed that the Richmond game, which was supposed to be a home game for Delaware, was moved to Richmond. In addition, it is uncertain if the field will be playable for next week’s game against JMU.

I am not going to lie. Things do not look good for the Blue Hens and this season is looking more and more like it is going to be a huge disappointment. Next week’s game is against James Madison University, defending national champions. The way Delaware has been playing lately the do not stand a chance. If the game is moved to JMU, the chances of winning are even worse. Next weeks game against JMU is critical. If Delaware wins it may be a catalyst to finish the season off strong and hope for a spot in the playoffs. However, if Delaware losses, I think that hopes of even making it to the post season are going to be slim to none. Delaware has a tough end-of-the-season schedule and have to change something.

I am sorry to be negative, but Delaware Football has really disappointed me lately. Until Delaware puts up a win, there will be no Players to Watch. Stay tuned for information concerning the site of next week’s game against JMU.

Players to Watch:

October 22 vs JMU 12:00pm (location TBD)
October 29 at Maine 12:00pm
November 5 vs UMASS 1:00pm


Blogger nicole said...

How can UD go from being Atlantic 10 Champions the past two seasons in a row to being 0-3 in the conference this season? That is sad. Do you think the loss to Richmond was due to changing the game site? It was changed because of the poor field conditions. I heard that there may be no more home Delaware games for the remainder of the seaon, because they may need to redo the whole field. That is not good news, especially for us seniors who have our last opportunity as students to see the Blue Hens. Those are some interesting stats you have, keep up the good work!
Next week I see you have posted that we play against James Madison University. This is not good for the Hens, as they won the National Championship last year and have been on a roll this year. I like that you keep it real and say that things are not looking good, because I agree with you. I know I could not go out there and play with those guys, but they are not looking like the team who started the season off with two wins. I find it amusing that you put up no players to watch, I acutally did laugh out loud. I do not know how Maine is doing this year, but I know that UMass is also doing well this season. Hopefully the field will be ready in time to play that game at home, and our team steps up their playing a bit!

11:40 PM

Blogger Eric Corson said...

Don't worry; you're not the only one who is negative towards the Delaware football team. They have disappointed me to no end as well. I don't know if they think they can just go into games relying on the fact that they won the National Championship two years ago or what. Not to mention the fact that Delaware is coming off a three game losing streak, but they lost the Homecoming game. I agree exactly with what you said; aren't teams supposed to win their homecoming games? Alumni and fans from all over the place came out and supported the team in the pouring rain, and they repay them by putting on such a sloppy performance. As of now, I believe the team has four games left, three of which are home games. With opponents such as UMass, William & Mary, and Villanova; do you think the team has a shot at winning out and possibly making the playoffs? Maybe I'm being really critical, but I think the team has to take a good look at themselves and figure out where this season is going.

6:46 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

Seriously, this sucks. In the beginning of the year I thought that we were possible national champs again. Now the Blue Hens seem to lose every game. There's basically no chance of snowy, winter playoff games now.

I remember 2 years ago, when we won the national championship, it was such a fun season. Now I'm mad at Delaware's football team for getting my hopes up and then playing really bad the last few games. They even lost our homecoming game. I understand that the rain played a factor in hurting their gameplay, but the other team is going up against the same conditions. I'm hoping they can come up with some game plan to start winning some games, or they're going to lose a lot of support from fans.

9:24 PM

Blogger Jets Fanatic said...

Great writing as always. What do you think of the university administration's decision to play the homecoming game in such terrible conditions? This was a poor decision financially, because we were not able to play our next scheduled home game. I think the athletics department got in some hot water for that decision. Oh well, its a good think the actual football game is such a small part of the homecoming experience.

2:37 PM


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