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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Get Discounts at the Perkins Book Store!

Some of you may already know this but I just found out. Apparently, every Friday before weekends when the football team has an away game, Delaware logo merchandise (hoodies, t-shirts, hats, etc) is 30% off at the University Bookstore at Perkins. In addition, every Monday following a football team victory, students can receive the same 30% off discount on logo merchandise. And if that wasn't enough, every Tuesday, if you wear a Delaware hoodie to the Bookstore you will receive 20% off the purchase of any hoodie in the store. This is a great deal and they have a lot of cool stuff in there. Get some gear to wear for possibly the last home game of some of our undergraduate careers.

Check out the story on UDaily.


Blogger JoAnn said...

I can't believe you just found out about the 30% off. They have probably been doing that since our freshman year- good job matt. Anyway, it's too bad that they lost this weekend to the University of Maine because now I am not sure if they are going to make playoffs. It would have been fun to go on a roadtrip this year before Thanksgiving. I have a question I don't know if you have the answer- if I wanted to go to the Villanova game in a few weeks because I am going to visit some friends and watch the last game- do I have to buy a ticket to attend the game or do I get in for free since I am a U.D student? No one seems to know the answer to this but if I have to buy a ticket, I should probably try and get one in advance. I wasn't sure if they would let students from the opposing team's school in for free or not- I'm not even sure if we do. But if you know or could find out- that would be great. Thanks

11:20 AM

Blogger Jets Fanatic said...

It is great you found out about the discount. The bookstore has been doing that for a few years now.
Anyway, UD Football just hasn't been the same lately. I don't really have a desire to go to the last home game this weekend since we aren't that good. Hopefully we can get some new players in there next year and make a run at the playoffs.
You should update your webpoll so we can interact with your blog a little more. Let us know how the game goes this weekend. Thanks,

3:07 PM

Blogger nicole said...

Matt, you just found out that Perkins has a discount! Have to start paying more attention! I think that is a fair discount, especially since we are all poor college students. Unfortunately, the football team has not been winning, and the discount has not been applying. I did not know about the Tuesday deal. How do you find out about these things? They do have a lot of cool stuff in there, but I think it is kind of expensive. Maybe I am biased because I work at Liebermans'. I do not think I will be attending this last home game tomorrow, as sad as that may sound. They are playing UMass, who is usually decent, and who knows what team will show up, the team who beat James Madison, or the team who lost to Richmond. We can still always watch them on TV for the years to come though!

10:16 PM


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