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Monday, October 24, 2005

Omar Cuff’s Four Touchdowns Leads Delaware Past JMU 34-28

Sophomore running back Omar Cuff (above) ran for a career high 236 yards on 39 carriers and four touchdowns this past Saturday as the Blue Hens upset #13 James Madison University, defending national champions. The win was Delaware’s first in the Atlantic 10 this season and they improved to an overall record of 4-3. The win also broke a three game losing streak for Delaware. Just over 22,000 fans were in attendance on a gloomy and rainy day.

Cuff has emerged as a playmaker this season, and is a national leader in all purpose yards, touchdowns, and rushing yards. He is also an All-American candidate. Through 7 games, Cuff has accumulated 851 yards rushing, 330 yards receiving, and 15 total touchdowns.

Quarterback Sonny Riccio also had a solid game for the Blue and Gold, completing 9 of 18 passes for 80 yards and rushing for 54 yards. Riccio also threw a two-yard touchdown pass to tight end Justin LaForgia. Riccio surpassed 4,000 career passing yards in the game, becoming only the seventh UD quarterback to do so.

Delaware looks to come back strong after loosing three straight prior to the win against JMU. If the Blue Hens play the football they are capable of playing, they should have no problem beating Maine next week who is 2-5 and still winless in the Atlantic 10. Next weeks game against Maine is away, however it will be televised on CN8.

Players to Watch:
Omar Cuff – 39 carries 236 yards; 4 touchdowns
Sonny Riccio – 9 completions on 18 attempts 80 yards; 1 touchdown; 0 INTs
Justin LaForgia – 4 receptions 44 yards; 1 touchdown

October 29 at Maine 12:00pm
November 5 vs UMASS 1:00pm
November 12 at William & Mary 1:00pm


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Blogger nicole said...

Nice picture Matt! I did not make it to the game, but if you were there, how did the new field look? I am happy that they were able to save the field and have a few more home games this season. I think that definetly saved their season right there, because playing every game on the road is tough (just ask the New Orleans Saints). I think having the game at home definetly helped their chances of winning this past weekend. This was a big win for the Blue Hens, as this was probably one of their toughest, if not the toughest, game of the season. Hopefully next weekend they do not return back to their losing against poor teams. This JMU win should fire them up and prepare them for the rest of the season. I believe UMASS and William and Mary are quality teams who will also be a test for the Hens. Omar Cuff is definetly putting up All-American numbers, and I hope he continues his stretch of good ball playing

11:36 PM

Blogger JoAnn said...

Hey matt-

I'm not sure if you were there on Saturday- but I was and it was quite a game. Not to mention- freezing cold and pouring rain- but that didn't stop me and my parents and brother from going. The game was real interesting- and we stayed until halftime when UD was only up by 1. I would have loved to stay the entire game, but it was pouring way too hard and I was too cold and miserable to enjoy it. However- they finally came back with a victory and now they still have some hopes of making it into the playoffs which is pretty cool. Omar played amazing and is an awesome player to watch if you get the chance. Should be an interesting game to watch next week- but on TV because there is no way I am headed to Maine.

6:58 PM

Blogger Eric Corson said...

It's about time Delaware Football gets back on track and plays the way they're known for playing. It sounds as if sophomore running back, Omar Cuff, is what's holding the team together this season. He's producing All-American numbers, and to think he's only a sophomore. If not this season, then hopefully next season or the season after; Cuff can take this team back to playing for the National Championship. I'm also happy to see that the Delaware Grounds-crew was able to get the field back into playing condition so we wouldn't have to finish out the season on the road. Not only is this a positive for the fans, but I believe it is special for the seniors on the football team as well. They've got one more home game remaining on their regular season schedule. If the team doesn't make the playoffs, or they don't earn a home playoff game, November 5th against UMass will be the last time they get to play on Tubby Raymond Field. Hopefully they'll go out with a bang.

7:03 PM

Blogger Jets Fanatic said...

Hey matt,
Your blog is looking better and better with every post. I wasn't able to make it to this game. How was the field holding up? Omar Cuff seems like the real deal. His running style is powerful yet elusive. Do you think there is any chance he'll be drafted someday? Our qb still worries me sometimes. I wouldn't mind getting someone new next year. Do you think we'll get any good transfers? Keep up the good work,

3:02 PM

Blogger Dave said...

I was very surprised to find out that our football team was able to beat the defending champions JMU. I was under the impression that due to significant losses in the offseason to both graduation and transfers we were going to be a subpar team in the I AA. Also, I heard that due to our leading recieving prospect being kicked out of school that our offensive production would be mediocre. Thankfully all of these rumors proved to be false. I was actually at JMU the week after we defeated them visting a buddy for his 22nd birthday, and they were quite upset by the loss. They thought they were going to blow us out so I guess we just caught them offguard. Go Blue HEns

4:44 PM


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