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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Although last week's loss to Towson was a dissappointment for Blue Hen fans, it is time to forget the past and get ready for Homecoming! This Saturday Delaware will take the field against Hofstra at 12:00 noon, however students will be "pre-gaming" by the time the sun comes up. Many of these students who will be tailgating to celebrate the Homecoming game, will not even show up to see the actual game. This has been a trend i have noticed recently and it does not just occur on Homecoming. Every week students tailgate outside the stadium, only to leave before the game even starts. This is something that I do not understand. What is the point of coming to the field to drink if you are not planning on attending the game? I hope some of you will comment with your opinions about tailgating. Also, please take the poll regarding tailgating on Homecoming which I have just added to the blog (Thanks Nickie).

Whether you will be tailgating, going to the game, either, or neither, I hope you all have a safe and fun Homecoming. LETS GO BLUE HENS!


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Blogger nicole said...

Two losses in a row? Wow, what happend to the domination Delaware once had in football? I just finished watching the game on television (the weather was too bad to stay at the tailgate), and I am totally disappointed. Yes everyone is entitled to a bad game, but they have had two in a row, probably something that has not been done in a few years. Also, it showed a stat of under head coach K.C Keeler, UD is something like 24-2 at home.
Clearly, this past weekend and this weekend UD was the favorite, and did not perform up to its number thirteen ranking, and previous number five rankig. The loss to Towson could have been chalked up to over confidence or the setting of it being Delaware's first road game of the season, but today I feel was the day to get their confidence back and prove to the school and community that we deserve to be ranked and that we are a quality football team. Especially on Homecomming, a game that is supposed to be won by the home team. I understand that the weather made it difficult to catch the ball and to keep your footing, but the team did not look like they were in the game at all. I would not be surprised if we were not ranked after this weekend. One reason that people do not attend the game after a tailgate because they feel they cannot get a seat, or they are more interested in drinking than school sports. If it was not for the weather, I would have been in the stands, but at least I watched it on TV! Also, you are welcome about the poll. It turned out great!

3:31 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

I guess I'm guilty of being one of those tailgaters. I usually look forward to tailgating moreso than the actual game. However, most times I try to at least go into the game for a little bit. I think a big problem is that after all the drinking you lose interest in actually watching the game. When I go into the games I usually do less watching and more random yelling and cheering when I don't even know what's going on because I'm too out of it to follow the game.

For the homecoming game, we had a big party at wrightstown and didn't even go to the game to tailgate. It was a good time though. It is kind of funny how there's so much celebrating for the homecoming game, but 90% of the people have absolutely no interest in going to the game. I guess it's messed up, but I guess as long as everyone's happy, it's all good.

6:35 PM

Blogger Eric Corson said...

Speaking of tailgating, I don't know if there will be too much of that going on anymore. With the destruction of Tubby Raymond Field, it looks as if Delaware's home games are going to have to be played at a different site. I know this upcoming weekend's game against Richmond was supposed to be a home game, but now it is scheduled to be played away at Richmond. Let's say that all scheduled home games for the rest of the season have to be moved to a different site, do you think UD fans and students will still make the trip and tailgate as they always do? I'd say the football team better get back to its winning ways if they want the UD faithful to travel with them to each game. Lowering their record to 3-2 this past weekend, on homecoming none the less, it seems as if the wind is slowly disappearing from the football team's sails. I see your point that many people show up and tailgate before the game only to leave before it starts, but with the way the team has been playing lately and the lack of seats available, I don't think people find it worthwhile going into the game anymore. Also, I feel as if students who are drinking at the tailgate don't want to stop drinking and loose their "buzz," so they opt not to go into the game and go somewhere where they can continue to drink and have a good time. Anyway, hopefully things will turn around and UD Football can come away with a victory this weekend against Richmond.

10:30 PM

Blogger JoAnn said...

I think the football team is overrated. As you know, they lost again yesterday to Richmond. They may have been a great team 2 years ago, but this year is different and we can tell that by looking at their record. Supposedly they had to re-sodder the entire football field after it was ripped apart during the homecoming game because of the rain. Word has it that if it isn't ready for this weekend- they may have to move the game again- which will suck because it is Parents Weekend and a sold out game coming this Saturday. And I dont think a lot of parents are going to travel to VA for the game- but we'll see

6:47 PM


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