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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Towson Stuns UD in 35-31 Upset

The University of Delaware Blue Hens were handed their first loss of the season this past Saturday as they were upset 35-31 by an inferior Towson University. The game was Delaware's Atlantic 10 opener and their first game on the road. The win was Towson's first against an Atlantic 10 team since joining the conference last season.

Towson's running back Nick Williams lead the Tigers, rushing for a career high 169 yards and two touchdowns. Quarterback Sean Schaefer completed on 19 of 34 passes for 274 yards and one touchdown.

Delaware's running back Omar Cuff, who has been putting up great numbers this season, rushed 27 times for 127 yard and a touchdown. This was the sixth straight game (going back to last season) that Cuff had over 100 rushing yards, which tied a school record set by Gardy Kahoe in 1971.

After trailing 21-3 in the third qaurter, Delaware had seemed to make a late comeback. Quarterback Sonny Riccio threw touchdown passes to Joe Bleymaier and Omar Cuff and the Hens were only down by four points at the end of the 3rd quarter. Riccio found Bleymaier in the end zone again to put the Blue Hens on top 24-21 with just under 10 minutes to play in the game. Towson took back the lead when William got into the end zone on a 17 yard run with around 4 minutes to go. Playing with urgency, the Blue Hens put together an 81 yard drive and scored on a short run by Riccio to put the Hens ahead 31-28. The game seemed to be all but over, but apparently nobody told the Tigers. Trailing by 3 with 1:17 left to play, Towson drove down the field with a few long gains and a couple of costly penalties committed by Delaware. Williams scored his second touchdown with only 38 seconds to play, leaving Blue Hen fans wondering HOW?

With the loss, Delaware dropped from a #5 national rank to #13. They are now 0-1 in the Atlantic 10 and 3-1 overall. The Blue Hens must step up their play to have any hopes of advancing to the post season. Delaware was able to squeek by some weaker teams with mediocre play in the first few games. With teams like UMASS, William & Mary, and Villianova coming up on the schedule, Delaware has an uphill battle from here. Hopefully the dissappointing loss against Towson will be the last for the Blue Hens this season.

Players to Watch:
Sonny Riccio - 22 completions on 39 attempts 241 yards; 10 carries 28 yards; 4 TDs; 1 INT
Omar Cuff - 26 carries 127 yards; 8 receptions 76 yards; 1 touchdown
Joe Bleymaier - 5 receptions 54 yards; 2 touchdowns
KeiAn Hepburn - 10 tackles for -14 yards; 1 sack

October 8 vs Hofstra 12:00pm (HOMECOMING!!)
October 15 vs Richmond 3:00pm
October 22 vs JMU 12:00pm


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Blogger Eric Corson said...

Having made the trip down to Towson this past weekend for the game, I tried to do my part and sing the fight song you provided me with. I don't think it helped to much though. It was an ugly game on the part of Delaware. We were down by so much early, that we left the game. When we received word midway through the 4th quarter that the game was close, we went back to the stadium to catch the closing and exciting minutes. It seemed as if every time Delaware scored and took the lead, Towson answered right back and took the lead right back. You could tell that Towson was really pumped for this game. Not only was it their homecoming, but I think it was also somewhat of revenge from Delaware's victory they pulled out against them last season. After the game, Towson players rushed the field as fireworks went off, knowing they had just earned their first conference "W." Oh yeah, I can't forget about the fact that Delaware's mascot "UDee" and the Towson "Tiger" got in a fight in the end zone towards the end of the game. It was quite amusing if you ask me.

11:35 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

Looks like I missed a good game. I was thinking about going to the game with a few of my friends and maybe celebrating Towson's homecoming with some friends from there, but I was too lazy.

I'm surprised we lost to Towson. I feel like we beat them every year. Plus, we're doing so good this year, I don't get why we lost to them. It probably didn't help that it was Towson's homecoming. They were probably a lot more pumped up for the game as a result. If only Delaware wouldn't have came out with such a poor performance in the beginning of the game. The come-bac k sounds impressive, but if they were never down by so much, maybe they would have been able to come out with a big win. Hopefully that's going to be their only loss this year.

6:28 PM

Blogger nicole said...

Matt, what is going on with the University's football team? It seems as they are falling apart before our eyes, during our last season as students watching the Fighting Blue Hens! Maybe it is the lack of strong players Delaware has, or are there many injuries to starting players? Out of all the teams that Towson could have earned their first Atlantic 10 game against, it had to be the 2003 National Champions The University of Delaware.
Congrats are in order for Omar Cuff, who seems to be the bright spot in Delaware's offense this season. That is cool that he tied a record that has not been broken since the 70's, especially with the strong teams Delaware has had over the years. What do you think of Sonny Riccio? Obvioulsy he is no Andy Hall (who is only playing like 3rd or 4th string on the Eagles), but I am not impressed by him. I don't know if I should go that far, because it is not like I could go out there and do what they do! Maybe give New Jersey's own Ryan Carty a chance? I remember during the end of last season when Sonny was just starting, the fans would cheer in the student section, "Put in Carty". Maybe we should see how he does for a few series. I did not realize it took the last half of a minute for the game to be over, but I still feel Delaware should have won that game, and it most likely contributed to their loss this past weekend at Homecomming against Hofstra, another weak football team.
I do not think Richmond is a strong team, I know they lost to Villanova this past weekend, so hopefully this weekend they can pull of a win and get back on track!

5:53 PM

Blogger nicole said...

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5:57 PM


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