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Friday, November 04, 2005

Last Home Game of the Season!

On Saturday Delaware will play its last home game of the season against the 8th ranked University of Massachusetts. UMASS comes into the game 6-2 overall and 5-1 in the Atlantic 10. It will be a tough battle for the Blue Hens who are 4-4 overall and 1-4 in the A-10. The game will be televised on CN8 for those of you who can not go, but I encourage everyone to try and make it to the game, especially you seniors. The way it looks now, even if Delaware does make the playoffs, they will not have another home game this season. This is most probably the last opportunity for most of us to attend a UD football game as undergrads. So go out, tailgate hard, cheer loud and enjoy yourselves.

Many of you have already commented that you do not plan on going to the last home game against UMASS. As bad as this may sound, I really do not blame you. Delaware football has been a disappointment this year as the team is rebuilding with a lot of young players. Many of you are just tired of seeing UD lose. I am too. However, I still would have liked to be able to go this game, the last of my college career. Unfortunately I have to work early on Saturday and will not be able to make it. Let me know if the rest of you plan on going or not.


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Blogger nicole said...

So did you attend the last home game of the season? I did not, which I am kind of regretting right now, because this is definetly my last year as an undergraduate and I will not be able to get in for free anymore to the football games! That is a good question though, can you still use your ID to get into the games as an alumnus? In case you did not catch the game, we got killed by UMass, something like 35-7. Embarassment I think. But our good friend Andrew Wilson would be happy! I think it really stinks that Delaware football has been doing so well over the past few years and being ranked nationally, and now for our senior year they just fell apart. I cannot even imagine what the next two games will be like. William and Mary is usually a solid team, and I believe you said they will play there, which does not help the team. Maybe 'Nova will be an even match for them, as they lost to Towson this past weekend. Neither of them will have much to play for except pride. Which I do not know if Delaware has much right now! For next season, at least Omar Cuff and the kicker will return for next season, and with more experience and off-season training can really explode in the future. I am glad you enjoy my blog, and its been fun reading yours! Thankfully, this is the last comment I have to make on someone's blog! (Yes I have reached 40 comments), but I will probably shoot you a comment anyway! Let me know if you need help making your blog look as awesome as mine ;)

2:51 PM

Blogger Jets Fanatic said...

Hey Matt,
Did you end up attending the last home game of the season? I was not able to make it, but I am not really too bummed out about it because the weather was pretty bad and the games are boring this year. Plus UMASS kicked our butts.

Its a shame we aren't good this year, especially since you are a senior. Luckily I am only a junior so hopefully we will improve next year. I wonder how we'll do against William and Mary since they are a very solid team. Didn't they almost win the championship last year?

I bet we beat Nova though, they aren't anything special. Well again I am sorry you were not able to attend the last home game of your UD career. Hopefully you can come back when we are a better team as an alumni!

12:41 PM

Blogger Dave said...

Unfortunately I was unable to make the UD vs UMass game. I used to go to nearly every single home game but due to where I live now it just is not as reasonable. We used to live in Ivy Hall and so we would go to every game and support our fighting Blue Hens. They also were a dominant team that year so it was a lot easier to persuade people to go to the games. This year I live on the opposite side of campus so it makes little sense to tredge all the way down there just to be kicked out of the parking lot by the cops at kickoff. Our school really needs to reconsider its policies if it desires to keep the reputation of a big, social, and fun school. Going to bigger schools like Penn State and West Virginia University, make me extremely jealous because of the friendly sports environment that they provide. UD better figure something out if they ever want to have a majority of their student body at these games.

4:40 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

I had no idea that it would be the last home game of the season so early. I guess I lost track of time. I wish I would have thought about this sooner and gone to more of their home games. Did you happen to go to the game? Also, I don't understand why there's a rare chance of Delaware having another home game if they make the playoffs. What's the reason for that? Not that I'm naive enough to think that they could make it to the playoffs this year. Do you happen to know what their chances are of making it into the playoffs? Or is it even a possibility anymore?

11:37 PM


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